Recent TechDude Activities

Recent TechDude Activities
ProjectStatusLast Update
DNSSEC: All dot-ca domains setup in the ISC DLV Registry until dot-ca offers DNSSEC.Complete2013-01-25
DNS: Email: Lowered spam score metrics 4 points from nearing spam to pure ham.Complete DKIM SPF DNS2013-01-14
Linux: Gentoo: Updated to current.Complete. Noted ifconfig is wrongly moved to /bin from /sbin; created symlinks. iptables using new -m conntrack --ctstatus.2012-12-27
Linux: Policy based multicast routing across a bridge gatewayComplete2013-01-20
Linux: Kernel build: 3.4.5-hardened-b0 #2 SMP Sun Sep 30 20:44:07 EDT 2012 GenuineIntel GNU/LinuxComplete2012-09-30
Systems: emerge --update of core sever softwareComplete2012-09-30
VoIP: Add more feedback during call xfer and hairpin-callsreview new features2012-06-21
Power Systems: Annual drain-charge testComplete 90 min full power; 210 min critical power2012-09-14
Systems: emerge --update system world234 upgrades2012-06-21
VoIP: Security UpdatesComplete2012-09-11
Linux: Kernel build: Update PIC PAX GRSecurityComplete2012-06-21
Linux: Updated Gentoo. Current base layout and server softwareComplete2012-05-30
PKI: RADIUS: Update, sign, and propagate new CA CRLComplete2012-05-18
Web: Alive sites with basic HTML5Complete2012-02-16
IPSec: Kick off and MoUComplete2012-02-10
IPv6: Prepare kernel for IPv6 IPSecComplete2012-02-08
DNS: Have provider setup Internet facing reverse PTR RR for IPv6No IPv6 PTR2013-01-14
IPv6: Ensure infrastructure services (email, web, dns) are available.Complete2012-02-06
IPv6: Internal to Internet routing and basic firewallingComplete2012-02-05
DNS: Create internal zones for IPv6 Address spaceComplete2012-02-04
IPv6: Addressing and internal routingComplete2012-02-02
DNSSEC: Submit DS RR for signing - dot-ca registerCIRA will be signing the .CA zone in 2012. This will lead to signing .CA zone files beginning in 2013 that will further protect Canadian consumers and businesses.2012-12-27
DNSSEC: Submit DS RR for signing - dot-com registerComplete2012-01-25
DNSSEC: Create scripts to prepare and sign zones - DNSSEC NSEC3Complete2012-01-25
DNSSEC: Create SHA512 keys for NSEC3Complete2012-01-20